With a focus on policy over politics, here are some of the key points on where I stand as a candidate.

There needs to be a balance between fiscal responsibility and the best interest for the residents of Ward 3.  The fiscal/human balance will lead to policies based on fact.


One of the most important issues across all of Toronto is a need to build better transit.  Politics over policy has left funded projects in limbo as council continues to change its vision for our city.  There are no new transit plans for Ward 3 other than a Mississauga bus route along Eglinton Avenue to Renforth.  Ward 3 residents need a leader to push for better service, bring new ideas and support funded projects. 


Transit also includes other modes of transportation to get around our city and ward.  Ward 3 needs a better comprehensive cycling strategy that allows residents to get out of their cars and onto bike paths.  Cycling is a good way to promote personal health and the environmental benefit of not driving everywhere.

  • Use hydro corridor from Eglinton Avenue to Kipling Subway Station for dedicated bike paths.
  • Create a bike path that completely surrounds Centennial Park
  • Attempt to get bike sharing by BIKE SHARE TORONTO station at Centennial Park
  • Discuss other possible cycling paths over Highway 427 
    • Consider new bridge crossing: pedestrian and cycle friendly


Residents are looking for a Councillor that will keep them informed on infrastructure projects.  The devastating flooding and ice storm left many residents in looking for help and answers.  From watermains, hydro issues to terrible road conditions, residents expects their government to be proactive rather than reactive.

Infrastructure Maintenance & Communiciation

  • Have all current / future Ward 3 projects listed and accessible online
    • Open forum for project feedback from Ward 3 residents
    • Includes who to call if there are issues
    • Timeline of project completion
    • Examine multiple project coordination (ie watermains/roads/hydro)
      • eliminate waste in ripping up recently finished project
    • Combine priorities with other ongoing development/transit projects
  • Actively pursue funding strategy from Provincial & Federal governments
    • Federal government increase funding to two percentage: ARTICLE
  • Examine infrastructure areas for improvement
    • Hydro redundancy - reduce blackouts
      • Bury area specific identified hydro lines
    • Which important water-mains should be replaced
    • Flood prevention initiative

Emergency Preparedness Strategy

When our community is affected by natural disasters such as the flooding or ice storm, we need to make sure residents are aware of what to do and who to call.  Toronto needs a centralized emergency service network that can give residents the proper information on what to do in any situation. 

  • Create Emergency Preparedness Strategy
    • Have downloadable household preparedness checklists
      • Include contact numbers
      • Keep information updated on social media/websites
      • Food and water suggestions for events
      • Have up to date information on emergency
      • Comprehensive listing of do's and don't
      • Locations of emergency shelters

Road Infrastructure

Roads have been a constant issue brought up by residents from all over Ward 3.  With potholes being one of the most frustrating issues, the city needs to find a better solution to road maintenance. 

  • Promote use of better materials for roads & repairs.
    • Decrease in potholes by less utility cuts
    • Better conditions for cyclists using roads
  • Resident meetings about road conditions
    • What roads need to be upgraded not in current plans
    • Curb installations
    • Maintained bike lanes (including signage)

Community Within Ward 3

Community Building

One of the best ways to create 'community' is to have a sense of connectedness amongst the residents.  Ward 3 needs to increase community engagement by celebrating our collective talents.  As Councillor I would like to see great organizations from across the city bring their expertise in improving resident involvement.

  • Build connections with community
    • Movie nights throughout community
    • Take established ideas (oven) from around Toronto to implement
    •  Emphasize green space for any new development within Ward 3
    • Encourage local theatre groups to perform "In the Park"
    • Ward wide garage sales, celebrations, community events
  • Evaluate current park infrastructure
  • Bring participatory budgeting to improve Ward 3 (example Ward 33)

Promote Local Businesses & Organizations

Not all the issues within Ward 3 will be fixed by council.  Some of the solutions may come from local organizations or local businesses looking to help residents of Ward 3.  As Councillor I would be a facilitator to create a forum for collaboration.

  • Promote local businesses
    • How can we grow local businesses and create new jobs within Ward 3
    • Determine where new business opportunities available through mixed use re-zoning
      • In both new developments and also current structures
  • Promote local community groups
    • Create environment of community by social engagement
    • Help educate about local programs and services
      • Expand access of services to residents in need
      • Centralize information for local organizations on website
  • Encourage community groups to partner with local businesses
    • Give a forum for collaboration and development of relationships

Parks & Green Space

Ward 3 is lucky to have several great parks, all of which are assets underutilized.  Etobicoke needs to focus attention and resources on public space.  The biggest asset in Toronto's west-end is Centennial Park.  Too many visitors only come for one or two festivals.  Council needs to create a complete strategy to bring local residents and visitors to Centennial Park.  Improving the cohesiveness of facilities and access by transit will make it a jewel of Etobicoke.

  • Promote Centennial Park
    • Improve signage for facilities
    • Promote facilities like Centennial Park Conservatory
    • Expand Pan Am legacy by encouraging facility usage
    • Increase transit accessibility through new or altered bus routes.
    • Surround all of Centennial Park with dedicated bike paths
    • Arrange transit plan for special events held at Centennial Park
      • Alleviate congestion, solution for limited parking.


City Hall needs to re-establish a commitment to integrity and co-operation.  Residents have expressed disappointment in the 'circus' that has become the systematic political games instead of policy driven agendas.  Councillors should be seen as solid representatives for their community that encourages residents to be active in the process.  Let's put POLICY OVER POLITICS!

  • Support public education on important issues before brought to council
    • Including getting feedback from Ward 3 residents
    • Create easy to follow support documents
    • Educate about open data information on Toronto.ca website
  • Daily itineraries posted online
  • Establish stronger Regional Councils
    • Allows Etobicoke York Council more control over regional spending
  • Implement Ranked ballots for 2018 election
  • Begin discussion the feasibility of using internet or phones for voting
  • Bring Participatory Budgets to Ward 3

Deferred council items

The current council has deferred many critical decisions until the next council session.  Although some items needed more time to make the proper decision, there may also be politics determining when a topic is relevant (after election).  Here is where I stand on items that will be discussed in the next election.

  • Toronto Island Airport
  • Gardiner Expressway 
    • Support new proposal for Gardiner 
      • Must balance vehicle movement as well as city development
      • Creates access to new development & possible Go station
  • Toronto Taxicab Licence proposal (further discussion needed)
    • Support taxicab accessibility increase
  • TTC Transit Improvement Recommendations 
    • Support recommendations and begin process of funding strategy


Women in Politics Position Primer - Click to go to website

Important Policy Issues

Overnight Airport Flights

Toronto Island Airport Expansion

  • Do not support the expansion
    • Blog post about my support found here
    • Endorsement of NoJets TO found here

Protecting our Seniors

Municipal Land-Transfer Tax (MLLT)

Ranked Ballots

  • Firm supporter for ranked ballots in 2018
  • Support RABIT organization in getting implemented
    • Ranked ballots for both mayoral and council races

Property Tax Increases

  • Maintain increases at approximately rate of inflation

24 hour Women's Drop-in Facility

Downtown Congestion Fees or Tolls

  • Do not support tolls
  • Do not support congestion fees
    • Until substantial transit infrastructure improvements completed