I have a voice again

Over the last five weeks I finally allowed myself to begin to write again.  Although the topic was personal and emotionally draining, it did seem to get my creativity and motivation to awaken again.

I have never been afraid to write openly.  I definitely have never been afraid to write with a voice, my voice.  Over the course of the election I found that my posts were viewed as a reflection of me.  The readers could sense that beyond the policy and politics, there was a person.  My website, my message and my persona all revealed my strengths and weaknesses.

I wasn’t sure how I felt after hearing that my campaign felt personal.  I wondered if it was professional or respectable to be open and honest.  We often view our politicians are mechanisms of governance, sadly not enough as people.  Yes we don’t always agree with their paradigms or politics, but do we strip their humanity from them in the process?  It is that concept of separation or disconnection to our elected representatives that cause this disdain for government.

If we cannot see beyond the rhetoric of an election to see the person, how can we trust them?  An overdeveloped sense of perfection can lead to poor decision making and definitely horrendous listening skills.  Don’t we want representatives that come across as ‘people’?  If they don’t govern with a sense of compassion or emotion, how will they ever vote for policies that reach those just outside the system’s reach?

I’ve been guilty of reining in my personality on social media because of the ramifications of my point of view.  Prim and proper.  A parrot for good policy or newsworthy articles I come across.  My humanity escapes when I speak about a select few topic and my worries of unabashed negativity usually doesn’t follow.  It makes me understand that as a collective, social media is only a portion of who we are.  It is the parts of each of us that we WANT to reveal.  We are as perfect or broken or open or honest as we allow.  For most of us, we tend to hide the scars or internalize our emotions. 

Social media gives the appearance of creating a caricature of ourselves.  From the photos we use to represent our identity to our name, calculated decisions from our subconscious are made.  Are either beacons of truth or augmented realities we’d rather share?  I have witnessed the awesomeness of social media and those who utilize it to give them a voice.  In a world of characters, of words, of quick flashes of snark – the internet allows for the meek, the quiet or the socially invisible to have a stage.   When you meet a person in the ‘real world’ are they different than how you expected?

Was your personification of their presence accurate?  Were you disappointed?  Should you have been?

I’ve begun to allow myself to start constructing semi-coherent thoughts again.  I hope to either bring out the policy and data analysis aspect of my personality or the passionate and emotional side.  These are not opposing fragments of myself, they work in conjuncture more often than not.  I cannot promise that I will set a regulated schedule for my opinions.  I will make the best effort to stay current and write more frequently.

Thank you for your time.

Posted on March 30, 2015 .