Hot Docs 2016

Each year for the past several years I have appreciated one of the best film festivals in Toronto. The Hot Docs Film Festival has become a staple in my life that opens up the world and narratives I may have missed.  I have planned a week of vacation to correspond with the festival and utilize the time to saturate myself with as many docs as possible.

Last year I again utilized a 'premium pass' that allowed unlimited access to the wide range of documentaries screening during festival.  The overall experience was even better than 2014, with great documentaries like Montage of Heck, Speed Sisters and Deep Web.  

This year I have scheduled a bit more effectively and hope to see 35-40 documentaries while still enjoying the restaurants and sites of Toronto (which includes a Blue Jays game).


I often get asked why I go and why I see so many documentaries in such a short period of time?  I get told that I don't get to appreciate some of the documentaries because once one is complete I am jumping on transit to get to the next screening.  

Why do I see so many documentaries - because there is so much of the world that is never understood or experienced as we rush through our daily lives.  This saturation of films is because of the forced limited availability to so many documentaries that may get lost in the ether.  

This year there are many 'free' events and screenings across Toronto.  


Everyone seems to create lists as a way to organize their thoughts.  I meticulously built a schedule around as many screenings as possible over the duration of the festival.  Despite listing 35+ documentaries I hope to attend, there were at least fifteen other films I just couldn't fit.  That being said, each year there are films I look forward to based on reviews, descriptions and content.  Below is my top ten + 2 (in no particular order).  

Clicking on the documentary will open a new window to the Hot Doc page with description, times and locations of the screenings.

  1. The Apology

  2. Ants on a Shrimp

  3. Under the Gun

  4. Girl's Don't Fly

  5. Diving into the Unknown

  6. Tony Robbins: I am not your Guru

  7. Sour Grapes

  8. The Revolution Won't be Televised

  9. Off the Rails

  10. Audrie & Daisy

  11. Magicians: Life in the Impossible

  12. Check It

I will not be going into detail on why I wanted to see each film because I will hopefully write a few reviews about the screenings I attended (time and exhaustion permitting).  I have found that selecting documentaries to see that are serious and also seeing others that are humourous gives a great juxtaposition to the experiences. 

To conclude my post to this great festival, I've included all the screenings I hope to attend.  

What Documentaries am I Seeing in 2016

Below is a quick summary of each documentary I want to see.  Sadly time will not permit me to see them all, and there are so many other great screenings I will also miss.  Enjoy.

Posted on April 28, 2016 .