Peter's Music Playlist - Quarter 3 2015

Quarter 3 2015

The summer is always an interesting time to listen to new music.  Usually everyone is busy with the benefits of hot days and cool nights to expand their musical acumen.  I find any quarter 3 to be the hardest to piece together a full set playlist.  It changes if one attends music festivals, then there is always a flood of new music to sort through. 

This didn't feel like a summer that had that "summer song".  There is always that song which resonates beyond one type of genre and is the anthem for a few hot months.  There may be summer songs that worked geographically (ie Can Con in Toronto) that just didn't make it as far-reaching as prior years. 

After last year's summer being consumed with the municipal election, this summer was going to have so many explorations of Toronto.  Museums, concerts, festivals, Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, movies & just general debauchery.  Sadly Steph and I didn't fully utilize the summer as we had hoped.  General exhaustion takes a lot out of you.

The first song on a playlist is important for me, it sets a tone for the rest of the quarter.  I've had some great songs throughout the year start a playlist.  It usually gets some of the highest plays over the entire year.  I didn't have a song for the first few weeks until I heard 'The Wolf' by Mumford & Sons.  The song had that feel that was an ode to Steph "I want to learn to love in kind, Cause you were all I ever longed for". It set a tone, a good tone.

I didn't realize until building this list that I had so much Canadian music this quarter.  The most interesting part of that realization - it wasn't done on purpose.  Long ago we all used to listen to bands because they were Canadian.  With the power of social media and the internet, music really has no borders.  The boundaries are blurring between genres, countries and influence. 

This quarter, I am not sure there is one song that sticks out as my favourite given the overall mix.  Sound, beat, lyrics or ambiance... each song resonates differently this quarter.  The quietness of Dave Monks, the vibe of Ria Mae, Drake ripping Meek & the hype in Toronto, the blues feel by Nathaniel or the last addition to my musical playlist in Tasha the Amazon. 

Tasha the Amazon played RiotFest in September where Steph and I went to see Alexisonfire reunite.  RiotFest had a great mix of bands including Weezer playing the entire Blue album, Prodigy, Wu Tang Clan, The Joy Formidable and a few new bands.  The OBGM's and Tasha were great live acts that both Steph and I liked.  Steph had heard of Tasha and was determined to see her live.  It was our first time at the festival and totally worth the 2 day experience.

Let's get to the playlist.  Below are all 12 songs in quarter 3.  Click on each song to be directed to a video/audio of the song.  This was my summer music for 2015, enjoy.

  1. Mumford & Sons - The Wolf
  2. Drake - Back to Back
  3. Florence + The Machine - Ship to Wreck
  4. The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face
  5. Young Empires - The Gates
  6. Metric - The Shade
  7. Dave Monks - Gasoline
  8. Ria Mae - Clothes Off
  9. Nathaniel Rateliff - S.O.B.
  10. CHVRCHES - Leave a Trace
  11. The OBGM's - Don't Be Stush
  12. Tasha The Amazon - My Level
Posted on October 6, 2015 .