Peter's Music Playlist: Quarter 2 2015

QUARTER 2 2015

I find it impossible to try and define a person by the music they listen to.  The simple reason, unless they only listen to one genre or artist, music can be so sporadic in its relevance.  Being able to appreciate a soft lyrically driven folk song can completely be appreciated with a hard chest-pumping electronic song. 

I began this year with a need to get back to enjoying listening to new music.  As I stated in my Quarter 1 post "Music has always played an important role in my life.  It has the ability to capture moments, invoke emotions & overwhelm your senses."  I have felt this year has revived a passion that seemed almost dead last year.  

I have to say that I have opened myself to music this quarter I usually won't think of enjoying.  I can honestly say I added a Taylor Swift song to the mix... but before you judge - why the hell not!  Music has become this litmus test on who a person it, a quick judgement without much time taken to understand the reasoning.  Far too often (myself included) belittle those who are enamored with overly processed pop music.  Maybe there is merit in just listening to music that doesn't appear to have a 'soul' maybe the point is just having an experience no matter how fabricated it is.

I often find the songs I gravitate during a quarter has to do with the sound of the song rather than the lyrical content.  This is best explained in my favourite song of the past 3 months, LEFT BEHIND.  There really are no lyrics, I consider the few words throughout the song an instrument rather than a message.  I get a sense of straddling the line of slipping into a fluid slumber and a restless moment of laying in darkness.  Moving back and forth between the magical world of creative imagination flush with colour, sensory overload... and the darkness and calmness of a room that is enclosing on me.  It is a haunting song that I stumbled upon from Soundcloud and has been on steady repeat for most of the quarter.

Music seems to lend itself to events in your life; your happiest moments sometimes align with a great anthem.  Your sadness can forever be tied to a ballad.  I find there are many songs of contemplation or quiet angst over the last few years.  Worry, tragedy and despair have been invited into our home far too often.  I wish that they would be LEFT BEHIND... to allow my sleep to bring a revitalization rather than permeate my subconsciousness.

The other song that stuck out for me this quarter was Runaway by Aurora.  It has a very similar sound to First Aid Kit.  I actually thought it was them until I went and tried to find it on the playlist from Soundcloud.  Another quiet song but a bit more reflective.  The quieter music has always been the balance I need to offset the loud thrashing rock or electronic music used to unwind.  My version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

I can make one note, I added "Here" because it was on constant replay by my wife for almost a week.  Over and over and over... it almost drove me crazy.  I thought it was a good song before I was hypnotized by it from the constant replay.  It is a perfect song for many of us that are aware of their place in the world.  For those on the outside it can be an anthem of the question we often have "what am I doing here?"


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Trust me, you'll like this playlist too. Enjoy.

  1. Aron Chupa - I'm an Albatraoz
  2. Aurora - Runaway
  3. Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money
  4. Hollow Coves - The Woods
  5. Florence & the Machines - What Kind of Man
  6. cln - Left Behind
  7. K-os - Turn Me Loose
  8. Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean ON
  9. Alessia Cara - Here
  10. Mia Martina - Beast
  11. Taylor Swift - Style
  12. The Chemical Brothers (ft Q-Tip) - GO


Posted on July 1, 2015 .