City & Colour October 2015

Life is full of surprises.

There are moments you enter a contest where you don't expect to win.  You take your chances but aren't optimistic about the odds.  Days or weeks pass from the time the contest is entered, allowing you to forget you even entered.  Then the phone rings, its Edge102.  Steph and I had the pleasure of winning access to a private show of City & Colour in Prince Edward County for their album release.

Since the beginning of last year, we haven't taken the time to enjoy ourselves like we've wanted to.  Not enough exploring our city or immersing ourselves in events or shows.  So much spare time is funnelled into municipal or other level of government involvement.  Meetings, events, or focusing on reports to read or topics to stay up to date.  It was going to be a fun experience.

The only catch to the event, the 2 1/2 hour bus ride there and back.  We thought ahead by bringing music players, snacks and patience.  Bus rides have a calmness for me.  Being a passenger that can just look out a window and watch the world go by is different than the day to day drawl.  I got to clear my mind for a short while as Steph slept and I listened to Q3 & Q4 playlists.

The drive was interesting once we got off the highway.  It felt like we were driving to the middle of nowhere.  Winding down roads, passing elections signs (which is interesting to see on country roads) and wondering when it was ever going to stop.  Eventually the bus arrives at our destination: The Hayloft. I hadn't researched where we were going and didn't realize it was a barn.  Not knowing was a great surprise, although it was a barn... and it was a bit chilly.

Once we got in and looked around, we grabbed a drink and settled near the stage.  We couldn't get the 'front row' but 2nd row wasn't so bad either.  The Hayloft isn't a big place, it felt appropriate to listen to a jazzed up City & Colour.  Eventually they take the stage and the concert was amazing.  The playlist is in a picture below if you are interested.  I don't need to go through the songs, you can do that by going to City & Colour's website

We had a great time together, had the pleasure of hearing good music and enjoyed the ability to put everything on pause and have an experience.  Big thank you to the Edge on getting us there (with snacks and stories) and also home again.  Let's do it again sometime!

Below are a few photos I snapped.  Enjoy.

Posted on October 15, 2015 .