WiTOpoli Position Primer September 23

WiTOpoli's event launch: Position Primer

On September 23rd I had the opportunity to attend the WiTOpoli (Women in Toronto Politics) launch event for their election tool Position Primer.  

WiTOpoli can best described in their own words:

Click on photo to go to their webpage

Click on photo to go to their webpage

Women in Toronto Politics is a non-partisan grassroots group that amplifies women’s voices and promotes a more inclusive civic discourse for all women. For short, you can call us WiTOpoli (rhymes with “monopoly”!).

Through events, social media and other communication channels, we spark discussion in the broader public discourse about how city issues might have different impacts based on gender and other aspects of identity (e.g. race, class, ability, sexuality). 

I am a supporter of WiTOpoli, it was their mixer in January that helped persuade me to enter the municipal election.  I met several other possible candidates who eventually entered their own municipal races: Jolene Hunt running in Ward 18 and Tony Vella running in Ward 6.  Their message goes beyond gender, race, class; their message is about inclusion and bringing forth a council that better represents our communities.  Toronto's motto is "DIVERSITY OUR STRENGTH" but our council does not reflect this value.

On September 23, WiTOpoli was ready to go live on a project they had been working on to better inform residents on their candidates.  The questions touched on several topics like childcare, taxation, transportation.  It was sent to all council candidates and does not endorse or grade their answers. The project is called the Position Primer and can be accessed by clicking on the photo below.

Click on photo to access website

Click on photo to access website

The Position Primer is a great tool because it allows the residents to be informed by being able to compare the candidates who filled out the surveys.  I of course filled out and it can be found by searching in Ward 3, or by simply clicking HERE.

The party was a great opportunity to meet many candidates that also support the project.  There were many candidates who attended:

  • Andray Domise - Ward 2
  • Peter Fenech - Ward 3
  • Jolene Hunt - Ward 18
  • Alex Mazer - Ward 18
  • Joe Cressy - Ward 20
  • Dan Fox - Ward 24
  • Kristyn Wong-Tam - Ward 27
  • Jane Farrow - Ward 30

--- if there were any I missed, I'm sorry.

To those who organized the event, I would like to say thank you for the invitation; it was a great night.




Posted on September 30, 2014 .