Toronto the Good party - September 11

I had the pleasure of attending the Toronto the Good party hosted by ERA Architects with Dave Meslin.  It was held at the Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District and was to be attended by many mayoral and council candidates.

The theme this year was all about the election; including the push for ranked ballots.  Dave Meslin & RaBIT (Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto) has been pushing for ranked ballots in Toronto because:

We’re proposing a small, simple change that would make Toronto’s elections more fair, diverse, inclusive and friendly.

With my volunteer Shaun also attending, we were happy to support RaBIT for our city.  It is a great initiative that will create a better environment for residents to vote.  The current system has become too negative; residents should vote for a candidate a resident believes is the best candidate.  Toronto can be an example for other municipalities in Ontario about the benefits RaBIT has on elections.

It was great to see so many candidates from across Toronto attend to show their support for Toronto the Good and RABIT.  The event allowed any mayoral candidate to get up and have a few moments to speak to the crowd.  John Tory and Olivia Chow began the speeches and it continued regularly throughout the night.

 Candidates I had a chance to speak with about Toronto Politics:

  • Ward 7 - Keegan Henry-Mathieu
  • Ward 16 - JP Boutros
  • Ward 18 - Jolene Hunt
  • Ward 24 - Dan Fox
  • Ward 30 - Jane Farrow
  • Mayoral - Morgan Baskin
  • Mayoral - Matthew Crack
  • Mayoral - Ari Goldkind
  • Mayoral - John Tory

There are many great candidates who want change in Toronto.  There is hope that council will make the hard choices that begin to improve our city.  We need to invest in our communities, in infrastructure, in transit and in civility.  

Below are some photos taken by my volunteer Shaun. Thank you for capturing a great night, much appreciated.

Posted on September 18, 2014 .