CNE Sept 1, last day of summer

The municipal election is a very long process and all candidates need to a moment to step back and enjoy important events in our city.  Over the last few years I have spent a day at the CNE with my brother.  We've enjoyed the food, games and of course the atmosphere.  Our usual routine is going during the evening midweek to catch the CNE transforming from day to night.  It is always fun to grab a drink or play some games while the lights flicker.

The election had postponed our plans but we decided last night to definitely take the time and enjoy the last day.  The airshow was our goal this year because we had not seen it in previous years.  Tradition is important, I know I will look forward to the CNE next year too.

Despite having a day off and enjoying the company, my brother and his girlfriend did take a few moments with me to get a good look at the LRT for the Eglinton Crosstown.  It is going to be a great addition to our transit system.  I find it similar to many other transit systems I've travelled on around the world.  I will be pushing for Phase 2 of the project if elected as Councillor and making a true Toronto Crosstown experience. 


Below is a group of photos of our day.  We didn't take many because sometimes being in a moment you don't need to capture a physical memory.  We had a great view of the airshow from Ontario Place, and formation flying is always my favourite to watch.  Humanity has always dreamed of flying, soaring above the treetops.  After we headed to the food building where my brother had a bacon wrapped Coca Cola marinated chicken sandwich, his girlfriend had a bacon wrapped hotdog.  I decided on a Philly Cone which was really good idea.  We finished our meal off with a glass bottle of Coca Cola.  After eating we headed to play some games.  The 'cheap' games are also the most addictive.  We didn't win many prizes so we'll have to practice for next year.  We had did a bit of shopping for fudge, shirts and whatever gadgets we could find.  A few great pictures of a sand sculpture also inside will speak for themselves.

I cannot believe that summer is over already.  The days were long, the campaign trail awaits and the election will be here in a flash.  Taking a day to enjoy Toronto makes me realize how much I love this city.

Posted on September 1, 2014 .