23rd Ukrainian Independence Day - August 23, 2014

On August 23rd I had the pleasure of attending another great event at Centennial Park.  Ukrainian Independence Day was being celebrated with music, food, vendors and an opening ceremony attended by many leaders across Ontario.   Members from Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments (from various parties) all took a minute to speak to the exuberant crowd. 

I had a chance to meet up with Yvan Baker and Kathleen Wynne and chat for a moment before we got a photo taken.  I also spoke to several other Ward 3 council candidates and wished them luck on their campaign.  Lastly I took an opportunity to converse with David Soknacki about policy, politics and Etobicoke.  We discussed how media not reporting the fact half of Etobicoke council seats will have new Councillors.  There is always the chance that ALL Councillors in Etobicoke will be new.  I look forward in seeing David at future events in Etobicoke.

Etobicoke Centre MPP Yvan Baker, Peter Fenech & Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

I did find a few issues that has been ongoing this year for all events I've attended at Centennial Park.  The parking situation was awful for those looking to attend the event.  With the soccer fields utilized for tournaments, there was plenty of long walks for participants.  Many cars were parked in illegal spots and were subsequently ticketed.  I did attempt to warn on twitter about not parking illegally.

Parking was an issue because there is no sensible access to transit to attend events at Centennial.  With buses that don't get into the heart of Centennial during major events, with limited access on routes that don't serve the local community - residents are forced to drive.  Council needs to co-ordinate with the TTC to implement a transit strategy for events at Centennial.  Having buses that serve the community with a possible stop at a subway station would hopefully eliminate congestion, traffic and lack of abundant parking.  My policy of altering bus routes includes better access to Centennial Park; this furthers that discussion.

Below are a few photos of the event.  I look forward to representing Ward 3 next year at the 24th Ukrainian Independence Day.

Posted on August 24, 2014 .