August 2 - Caribbean Carnival Grand Parade

I have never been to Carabana/ Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival.  Over the last decade I've usually been working or out of town for the event.  Having the ability to get downtown to enjoy one of the highlights of the Toronto summer events was a good relaxing afternoon.  The crowd was great, the music made everyone dance and of course there was the food.  I was surprised on just how many different food tents there were along Lakeshore. 

I felt like it was one big giant street party, a sense of community.  Everyone got along, everyone was welcomed and there was plenty to see and do.  The weather was perfect for a day that was calling for rain, but I don't believe that would have stopped anyone from having a good time.

Toronto is a large city with many festivals and events all year round.  It is amazing to be able to enjoy so many cultures and food and entertainment from around the world right in our own backyard.  It will be a privilege to represent Ward 3 at events, and hopefully bringing more events to our community. 

A few pictures of the costumes will show what you can expect for next year.

Posted on August 2, 2014 .