Attended Adam Vaughan's Nomination Party - April 23

Recently I was surprised to find out that Adam Vaughan was a Liberal, as were many other residents of Toronto.  A current sitting City Councillor for Toronto, Adam has placed his name for consideration for the Liberal nomination for a by-election opened up with the resignation of Olivia Chow who is running for Mayor. 

Why was I surprised that Adam Vaughan was a Liberal?  I would have to contend that it was an assumed thought given his push for certain policies on council.  The overall impression at the end of the night can be best summed up with "never judge a book by the interpretation you see on TV".  

Two former Mayors of Toronto were set to introduce Adam and gave very personal and supportive comments on their enthusiasm for his nomination.  Art Eggleton spoke first followed by David Crombie.  Both men are shining examples of good policy and politics (as I have heard David speak recently at the Save the Red Door event).  

Adam took centre stage and started by saying he was a Liberal and that it came from the influence of his parents.  Adam spoke of several great stories about his mother's canvassing for Adam's father and also at a moment where she felt it was her duty to stand up to a government she viewed as flawed.  

I may not have agreed with all of Adam's policies when he was on city council but I did find him a great leader in regards to housing and community.  Pushing developers to also cater to families & building with a sense of community as a focal point are very important accomplishments.  There is still a lot to be done at all levels of government.

I got to meet Adam at the end of the night and I will leave those words between him and I.  It was a very informative and genuine moment and he gave some good advice.  

You may have the question: Peter, why is a nomination for the federal government important to Ward 3 Etobicoke Centre?  The answer is simple: change.  There are very serious problems that Toronto has to solve, but they can't be done on our own.  We need support from all levels of government that see infrastructure, housing, transit & jobs for youths as important pillars for a brighter future.  Only through hard work and a well organized plan can anything of meaning be accomplished.  Having Adam Vaughan support Justin Trudeau's vision for a better Canada will also give a strong advocate for improved housing and urban infrastructure.  We cannot endure an erosion of our community, Toronto and Ward 3 needs leaders who support these necessary ideals.  Adam Vaughan can be a benefit to Toronto, and I can be your leader for Ward 3.

I look forward to witnessing a nomination and a win for Adam Vaughan, giving a strong voice for housing for Toronto and all of Canada.

Adam Vaughan Nomination Speech

Posted on April 24, 2014 .