Attended Turnout Toronto in Regent Park - April 10

I attended Turnout Toronto in Regent Park in order to gain insight in grassroots organizations attempting to improve the city.

Among the organizations there were also candidates for mayor including Robb Johnanes & Morgan Buskin.  Ari Goldkind and Sarah Thompson arrived to interact with the various organizations and discuss their platforms.

Met other councillor candidates and got a sense that the entire city is looking for change.  I am excited to see new ideas and first time council candidates speak passionately about policy.  

My best interaction of the night were the few moments to speak to John Tory one on one about Etobicoke.  We discussed some of the concerns for Ward 3 including transit.  Very good conversation and I look forward to hearing more of John's platform for Toronto.

Posted on April 11, 2014 .