Peter Fenech Downtown Fundraiser October 9


Peter will be hosting a fundraiser downtown at Epicure Cafe on October 9th.  As a Councillor, Peter will strive to represent all of Toronto and building relationships with residents, businesses and organizations.  

To find out more about Epicure, click on photo

To find out more about Epicure, click on photo

Dear Friends,

My name is Peter Fenech and I am running for Ward 3 City Councillor – Etobicoke Centre. Our community needs a strong leader to fight for better infrastructure, effective government spending and reliable transit. Local businesses are affected by a lack of access or promotion from the community and Councillor. Small business creates jobs that can lower unemployment for our youth; increase local prosperity and keep residents shopping locally. Residents and local businesses need a representative that listens and engages our community.

Toronto City Hall needs to focus on policy that makes our great community even better. Decisions should be based on information from experts, input from residents and realistic expectations. My message is Policy over Politics. Many tough decisions have been deferred to the next council; critical projects are in limbo because of political ineptitude. Strong progressive policy that invests in our community and transit; supporting local businesses & organizations will lead to a solid foundation for the future of Toronto.

I would like to extend an invitation to join me this Thursday October 9th, 2014. Please purchase your tickets through this link:

I humbly thank you for your support and generosity. I look forward to speaking with you in more detail of policies that will build our community.

Warmest Regards,

Peter Fenech

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Posted on October 3, 2014 .