All-Candidates Meeting October 16

The Nativity of Our Lord Church hosted an all-candidates meeting on October 16th for council candidates.  The format allowed for an opening statements by each candidate followed by the ability for everyone to speak about 3 set questions:

  • Infrastructure and how to pay for it
    • I mentioned that the MLLT helps balance the budget, removal would only put further strain.  Discussed the reasons why roads may not get repaired based on rating scale of condition.
  • Policing and the qualities needed in new chief
    • policing is a "hot potato"
      • lapel cameras will lower costs and keep our police officers on the streets, not in courtrooms.
  • How to pay for Transit
    • touched on how we already have transit plans that would be funded and built by other levels of government.  We need to get out of the way with the politics of getting re-elected and do what is good for our communities.

Questions from the audience were then allowed and directed to one particular candidate.

A great question from the audience led to all candidates being asked "how would you work with other councillors?"  

What better way to see what I said than watching for yourself:

Posted on October 17, 2014 .