All-Candidates Meeting October 16

The Nativity of Our Lord Church hosted an all-candidates meeting on October 16th for council candidates.  The format allowed for an opening statements by each candidate followed by the ability for everyone to speak about 3 set questions:

  • Infrastructure and how to pay for it
    • I mentioned that the MLLT helps balance the budget, removal would only put further strain.  Discussed the reasons why roads may not get repaired based on rating scale of condition.
  • Policing and the qualities needed in new chief
    • policing is a "hot potato"
      • lapel cameras will lower costs and keep our police officers on the streets, not in courtrooms.
  • How to pay for Transit
    • touched on how we already have transit plans that would be funded and built by other levels of government.  We need to get out of the way with the politics of getting re-elected and do what is good for our communities.

Questions from the audience were then allowed and directed to one particular candidate.

A great question from the audience led to all candidates being asked "how would you work with other councillors?"  

What better way to see what I said than watching for yourself:

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Ward 3 Transit Debate - October 14

On October 14th, Our Place Initiative will be hosting a transit debate (Etobicoke specific) for Ward 3 Council candidates.  

Click to view their website

Click to view their website

Information about the debate:



NOTE: with 10 candidates, only 3 have signed up for the debate as of October 9th.  

Transit is one of the most important issues in Toronto and with no scheduled transit initiatives or improvements planned for Ward 3, this debate will allow candidates and residents to determine what the best course of action is.  

Click on the link below to see where I stand on many of the transit issues for Ward 3 - Etobicoke Centre.

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Peter Fenech Downtown Fundraiser October 9


Peter will be hosting a fundraiser downtown at Epicure Cafe on October 9th.  As a Councillor, Peter will strive to represent all of Toronto and building relationships with residents, businesses and organizations.  

To find out more about Epicure, click on photo

To find out more about Epicure, click on photo

Dear Friends,

My name is Peter Fenech and I am running for Ward 3 City Councillor – Etobicoke Centre. Our community needs a strong leader to fight for better infrastructure, effective government spending and reliable transit. Local businesses are affected by a lack of access or promotion from the community and Councillor. Small business creates jobs that can lower unemployment for our youth; increase local prosperity and keep residents shopping locally. Residents and local businesses need a representative that listens and engages our community.

Toronto City Hall needs to focus on policy that makes our great community even better. Decisions should be based on information from experts, input from residents and realistic expectations. My message is Policy over Politics. Many tough decisions have been deferred to the next council; critical projects are in limbo because of political ineptitude. Strong progressive policy that invests in our community and transit; supporting local businesses & organizations will lead to a solid foundation for the future of Toronto.

I would like to extend an invitation to join me this Thursday October 9th, 2014. Please purchase your tickets through this link:

I humbly thank you for your support and generosity. I look forward to speaking with you in more detail of policies that will build our community.

Warmest Regards,

Peter Fenech

Facebook & EventBrite event information below, click to be directed to event details.



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Islington Ratepayers & Residents' Association October 6

On October 6th I had the opportunity to speak to the Islington Ratepayers & Residents' Association.  Residents from Wards 3, 4 & 5 had the chance to listen to the candidates who gave a short speech, listen to pre-determined questions answered and then open floor interaction. 

I almost did not attend due to a family emergency and it altered the speech I was going to say.  I spoke about how it was a pretty negative year with many losses and heartaches.  I did realize that I was not alone; many homes were devastated last year from the flooding and ice storm, some families have parents who take too long on transit to jobs that don't pay well enough and finally the seniors of our community who worry if they can afford to remain in their home.  Ward 3 needs a Councillor that will help build a community that comes together like a community.

Of course there was a discussion of the land transfer tax again, to which I had to interject some truth and facts about how it cannot be eliminated without either cutting services or increasing other taxes.  I had to mention it was a promise of the last administration that couldn't even reduce it; both John Tory and Olivia Chow have stated it cannot be cut.

I enjoyed speaking with residents after the event, although many were not from Ward 3.  They offered their support and understood where my positions were on many of the policies. 

Thank you to the Islington Ratepayers & Residents' Association.

Peter Fenech

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Markland Wood All-Candidates Presentation Sept 29

Markland Wood Homeowners Association All-Candidates Presentation

Click on photo to learn more about the MWHA

Click on photo to learn more about the MWHA

On September 29th the Markland Wood Homeowners Association allowed candidates for all offices (mayoral, council, trustee) to speak to residents.  Located at St. Clement Church from 6:30PM to 9:10PM, many candidates brought forth their vision for Toronto.

I am not a politician, I am a huge advocate for Policy over Politics.  

I connected with several supporters as they entered the church, all ready to hear the message from the council candidates for Ward 3.  My speech was bumped up in time which was a benefit.  Being so open about my policy, it was good to hear policy points being brought up that were topics I've been discussing for months.  I spoke about how we need to invest in Toronto.  We need to invest in upgrading our infrastructure, building better transit & strengthening our communities.

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss my platform.

Peter Fenech

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Rogers TV Ward 3 Debate - September 25

On September 25 Rogers TV allowed council candidates from Ward 3 - Etobicoke Centre to debate.  Hosted by Cynthia Mulligan, it was a civil conversation about the vision each had on Toronto's future.  Peter Fenech was the lone voice on many issues, putting Policy over Politics.  Link available to online video content.

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WiTOpoli Position Primer September 23

WiTOpoli (Women in Toronto Politics) created a great tool to allow residents to be informed on their council candidates.  The POSITION PRIMER is a collection of 10 topics which each candidate inputs their positions.  This allows residents to make an informed choice in the election.

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Dorothy Ley Hospice Fundraiser - Sept 13

Dorothy Ley Hospice Fundraiser

One benefit of running for city council is being informed of great organizations who are looking for support.  All candidates from wards 3, 4, 5 were invited by Donna Cansfield to a fundraiser being organized by The Singing Lady.  The purpose of the fundraiser was to help a great community organization, The Dorothy Ley Hospice.

The Dorothy Ley Hospice is best described from their website:

Click for more information

Click for more information

Founded in 1990, The Dorothy Ley Hospice is a volunteer-based community service organization offering compassionate care to people living with the challenges of a life-limiting illness or loss.  Our programs meet their physical, emotional, spiritual and support needs helping them to live life to the fullest.  Our services are provided at no cost to the individual thanks to the generosity of our donors and community partners.

My wife Stephanie and I once researching more about both The Singing Lady and also The Dorothy Ley Hospice, we were looking forward to support the event.  The only issue we had was the fact it was a Downton Abbey themed event; our wardrobe wasn't particularly designed for such an event.  

On September 13th we arrived to a wonderful crowd fully participating in the dress-up aspect of the fundraiser.  The event was located at The Singing Lady location on 781-J The Queensway, Etobicoke.  The mood was upbeat with great live music playing as all the supporters browsed the store, including bidding on the silent auction items.  


In attendance there were other candidates, including Justin Di Ciano (council candidate for Ward 5).  We had a good discussion about the races in Etobicoke and was a very informative conversation.  Justin lost by a slim margin of just over 100 votes in 2010 and is seen as the frontrunner in Ward 5.

As we wandered around both locations, taking time to speak with other supporters, we also looked at many of the items for the silent auction.  We ended up bidding on some jewellery (which we did not win) and a beautiful painting we now have hanging in our living room.

We were glad to support both the success of The Singing Lady and its efforts in promoting The Dorothy Ley Hospice.  Near the end of the nice we took the time to take photos with several other appropriately dressed supporters, including former MPP Donna Cansfield.  Donna is a wonderful member of Etobicoke that retired from politics to be an advocate for the rights and needs of seniors.  Thank you Donna for inviting us to a great event for such a great cause.

More photos and information can be seen here: THE SINGING LADY FACEBOOK

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Toronto the Good party - September 11

On September 11th I attended Toronto the Good party hosted by ERA Architects with Dave Meslin.  The theme was about the upcoming election and the need to have ranked ballots implemented for the 2018 elections.  Many great candidates attended.  Continue to read...

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Attended WSIC mayoral debate Aug 26

On August 26th I took the opportunity to attend a WSIC (Why Should I Care?) event up in North York.  It was located at Baton Rouge on Yonge Street and was a forum for several mayoral candidates to speak about topics raised by the audience.  Ari Goldkind, David Soknacki & Morgan Baskin were the speakers who each had ten minutes to introduce themselves before the questions went to the panel.

I was very impressed on the conversation each candidate had with the crowd.  Great questions with good answers.  The best line came from Morgan who stated "my future is my biggest asset". 

David Soknacki, Morgan Baskin, Ari Goldkind

I also had the pleasure of meeting Dan Fox again who is running in Ward 24.  We were able to discuss our campaigns which is always a pleasure to speak to someone going through the same experience.  If you live in Ward 24, please check out Dan as a candidate you can support.

I look forward to the next WSIC, which has not ventured out to Etobicoke yet!

Posted on August 31, 2014 .

23rd Ukrainian Independence Day - August 23, 2014

On August 23rd I had the pleasure of attending another great event at Centennial Park.  Ukrainian Independence Day was being celebrated with music, food, vendors and an opening ceremony attended by many leaders across Ontario.   Members from Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments (from various parties) all took a minute to speak to the exuberant crowd. 

I had a chance to meet up with Yvan Baker and Kathleen Wynne and chat for a moment before we got a photo taken.  I also spoke to several other Ward 3 council candidates and wished them luck on their campaign.  Lastly I took an opportunity to converse with David Soknacki about policy, politics and Etobicoke.  We discussed how media not reporting the fact half of Etobicoke council seats will have new Councillors.  There is always the chance that ALL Councillors in Etobicoke will be new.  I look forward in seeing David at future events in Etobicoke.

Etobicoke Centre MPP Yvan Baker, Peter Fenech & Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

I did find a few issues that has been ongoing this year for all events I've attended at Centennial Park.  The parking situation was awful for those looking to attend the event.  With the soccer fields utilized for tournaments, there was plenty of long walks for participants.  Many cars were parked in illegal spots and were subsequently ticketed.  I did attempt to warn on twitter about not parking illegally.

Parking was an issue because there is no sensible access to transit to attend events at Centennial.  With buses that don't get into the heart of Centennial during major events, with limited access on routes that don't serve the local community - residents are forced to drive.  Council needs to co-ordinate with the TTC to implement a transit strategy for events at Centennial.  Having buses that serve the community with a possible stop at a subway station would hopefully eliminate congestion, traffic and lack of abundant parking.  My policy of altering bus routes includes better access to Centennial Park; this furthers that discussion.

Below are a few photos of the event.  I look forward to representing Ward 3 next year at the 24th Ukrainian Independence Day.

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Radio Interview with Ari Goldkind Aug 20

I had the pleasure to be on "The Truth" with mayoral candidate Ari Goldkind on August 20th.  Unscripted, candid and good to bring attention to our ward.  Potholes, cycling, transit and resident involvement were some of the topics we touched.

Please check out Ari's website to read many good ideas on how good policy can make Toronto better!

You can check out the interview below.  Continue listening for other guests:

Marcello Cabezas (artrepreneur)
Mahmood Syad (Thorncliffe community rep)

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Campaign Fundraiser Summary

It is an amazing feeling to have so many people support our first fundraiser.  Thank you to those who donated but could not attend, your contribution is appreciated.  A big thank you to everyone that came out to discuss the next steps of the campaign.  Your continued support will help get our message of Policy over Politics out to Ward 3.

We were glad to be able to support The Wild Goose with our fundraiser.  The staff and food were great and enhanced the experience.  Supporting local business is an important issue that isn't being addressed in our ward.  We need to promote businesses within our community that provide quality goods and services.  Thank you Melanie for being a great host at our event.

There were many great discussions on policy for Etobicoke and Toronto.  Ward 2 council candidate Andray Domise attended which allowed for face to face dialogue on our shared vision of Etobicoke's future.  Policy conversations about housing, transit, local businesses and community involvement were only a few subjects we spoke about.  Our mutual support and friendship shows what a council can do when it could work together! 

The final push has begun to election day and my team is setting up our next upcoming events.  We look forward to hearing from any about hosting meet & greets in your houses / buildings/ organizations.  We look to connect to residents of our different communities and hear their issues and show how our policies can help solve them.  The municipal election is both relevant and important, please attend any event you can to show that Etobicoke is looking for change; that we can do better!

The election is fast approaching.  We are actively looking for more volunteers who believe that Ward 3 needs a fresh start.  Let's work together to build an even better community.  Let's focus on solutions and policy that are progressive and attainable.  Stay active, stay informed.

Thank you all once again.

Peter Fenech

Posted on August 16, 2014 .

Campaign Fundraiser - AUGUST 16 3-5PM


Come out and support Peter Fenech as he pushes forward to be Ward 3 - Etobicoke Centre's City Councillor. 

Looking forward to meeting so many supporters of the campaign for Ward 3 - Etobicoke Centre. On Saturday August 16th please join the team at The Wild Goose to discuss Policy over Politics and the next phase of the campaign. With the election quickly approaching, we are working on how to get our message to the residents.

Tickets are divided between VIP and General.

VIP tickets $50 and include entrance, pub food, a drink ticket and access into a raffle.
General tickets are $25 and include entrance and pub food.

Tickets can be purchased:

  • By clicking here: TICKETS
  • By emailing confirmation to
    • Bring cheque to event made out to: Campaign for Peter Fenech
      • Cash not allowed to be accepted as per campaign regulations

Both tickets are eligible for a rebate from the City of Toronto.  Donations may be eligible for up to 75% rebate ($37.50 rebate on VIP tickets & $18.25 on General tickets).

Click HERE to access more information on the Rebate program, including limits and rebate schedule.


I look forward to meeting everyone and pushing forward of making a difference in Etobicoke!

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August 2 - Caribbean Carnival Grand Parade

I have never been to Carabana/ Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival.  Over the last decade I've usually been working or out of town for the event.  Having the ability to get downtown to enjoy one of the highlights of the Toronto summer events was a good relaxing afternoon.  The crowd was great, the music made everyone dance and of course there was the food.  I was surprised on just how many different food tents there were along Lakeshore. 

I felt like it was one big giant street party, a sense of community.  Everyone got along, everyone was welcomed and there was plenty to see and do.  The weather was perfect for a day that was calling for rain, but I don't believe that would have stopped anyone from having a good time.

Toronto is a large city with many festivals and events all year round.  It is amazing to be able to enjoy so many cultures and food and entertainment from around the world right in our own backyard.  It will be a privilege to represent Ward 3 at events, and hopefully bringing more events to our community. 

A few pictures of the costumes will show what you can expect for next year.

Posted on August 2, 2014 .

August 2 - August 10 Canvass

I will be canvassing each day during August 2 to August 10 from morning to night.  Many residents still haven't heard my Policy over Politics message.  With a third round of literature printed after hitting thousands of residents already - the next push is critical.

I look forward in meeting residents, hearing their concerns and showing that I am the only choice for Councillor for Ward 3.

Always looking for volunteers to assist in spreading the message. Click on the volunteer link below to begin.

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Busy July 20th, Canvass, Andray's BBQ, Youth Day

I had a great day on July 20th promoting change in our city.  Thank you to my team of volunteers for helping spread my message of Policy over Politics to residents of Ward 3 Etobicoke Centre.  Over the past few weeks we've hit thousands of homes. with the expectation of reaching thousands more before a fundraiser in August.

Canvassing in Ward 3 with Nicole.  Taking a moment to discuss some feedback from residents.

Canvassing in Ward 3 with Nicole.  Taking a moment to discuss some feedback from residents.

Municipal politics and the need for change goes beyond one ward.  From Etobicoke to Scarborough, North York to downtown, the groundswell of support for many candidates across our city is important.  Etobicoke has a new voice in Ward 2; that voice is Andray Domise; a candidate for councillor.  Andray had a campaign launch barbecue in the afternoon.  I took my team of volunteers to enjoy some great food, interact with other volunteers attempting to make Etobicoke a better community and to meet a candidate I support.  Although the rain brought the crowd inside, the sense of hope about Ward 2's future was evident.  Jolene Hunt travelled from her booth on Big on Bloor to also show her support.  

My last event of the day was to be a dignitary as a candidate for councillor at Youth Day Toronto.  A wonderful event in support of our youth and their talents.  I had the pleasure of sitting next to Karen Stintz, as well as other mayoral candidates.  The crowd was electric for performances by young talent, and peaceful in mourning the loss of too many young persons during a moment of silence.  Thank you for the invitation to be the face of Etobicoke Ward 3.  

Dignitary section, sitting beside Karen Stintz during a performance.

Dignitary section, sitting beside Karen Stintz during a performance.

We've had a great month in connecting with residents in July.  The push towards October 27th is going to be fantastic in high-lighting the need for a fresh face, a new voice in Ward 3.  There are plenty of events planned in the coming month across the city to attend.  My team is always looking for support and volunteers.  Only with a great team can we truly make a difference.

Posted on July 21, 2014 .

Attended Kipling Bus Terminal Forum July 15

On July 16th I had the pleasure to be the only Ward 3 Councillor candidate to attend an important information session about the proposed Kipling Bus Terminal.  The basis of the forum was to explain two new proposals for a complete overhaul to Kipling Station. The forum had representatives from Metrolinx, City of Toronto, Mississauga Transit and consultants. 

Check out my blog post HERE for more information.

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Great Canvass in Ward 3 July 6th

Had the pleasure to get a great group of volunteers out to spread the message of "Policy over Politics" in Ward 3.
Some of the feedback from residents about issues in our ward included road conditions, access to recreational services and of course better representation on council.

Posted on July 6, 2014 .