I endorse NO Jets TO

My official endorsement for NO JETS TO was published August 25, 2014. 

I have always believed the expansion of the Toronto Island Airport is the wrong choice for our city.  I have been vocal to residents while canvassing about my view and it has resonated with residents who have asked about my stance.  I felt it was appropriate to acknowledge my support so residents who may not have asked me while canvassing can be informed of my position. 

There are many valid and important reasons why the expansion of the island airport is a negative idea.  Endorsements from prominent city experts, politicians and community members show how any change to the Tripartite Agreement will have a dramatic effect on Toronto’s waterfront.  I am not an expert on the subject matter but do rely on the thoughtful and well-constructed information relayed to my campaign team.  I've received positive feedback from residents as well as offers of help in further explaining technical details of why jets at the island airport are not a feasible plan.

Residents of Ward 3 may wonder how allowing the extension of a runway downtown will affect them.  It is a valid question that I answer with "transit".  How can transit affect ward 3 in relation to the island airport?  I inform residents that the Eglinton Crosstown was designed in two phases; the second would complete a link across Eglinton Avenue to Pearson Airport.  This would allow better access to Pearson where appropriate long-haul flights are located.  It would also benefit residents of Ward 3 that could utilize a transit line across Toronto without heading south to subway stations or access to Pearson Airport.

The next council will need to take a stand against the use of public money for private interests that do not benefit the city as a whole.  Convenience is not worth the long term damage that could alter the waterfront of Toronto.

Posted on August 28, 2014 .