JerkFest 2014 - Centennial Park

I am taking the time to say thank you and to promote Jerkfest 2014.  It was a good experience to share with part of my canvass team in Ward 3.  From great food to entertaining music and dancing, I was proud to attend and promote the event.

I felt it necessary to write this post as our current Councillor took the time to promote another good festival in town "Taste of the Danforth" which was on the other side of the city.  Jerkfest was at Centennial Park, right in our ward and was not promoted or mentioned on any social media or website from our Ward 3 Councillor.  Unfortunate that Etobicoke residents may not have been aware of a festival right in our own ward.  I hope to remedy this next year as Councillor.

On August 9th I took part of my canvass team to enjoy some great food.  We had been out in the ward spreading my message of Policy over Politics.  A time to celebrate a festival within the ward was a great way to say thank you. 

The first part of the festival was dedicated to vendors and organizations.  From music to arts, clothing to flags, there were many options to choose in supporting vendors.  I took a keen interest in one booth because it captured the message of "building our community".  I spoke with Clarence about the organization RISE ABOVE.

Rise Above is an organization to help youth 16-26 become successful through social development, economic advancement and spiritual growth.  We talked about the many different programs (which can be found on their website) offered and how the organization wished to branch out across the city.  Currently Etobicoke is not serviced by their organization; they would like to establish a good relationship with the community and expand when given the opportunity.

While I spoke with Clarence, my team was interested in supporting their organization by picking up a raffle ticket.  I hope to be able to sit down with Rise Above as Councillor and see what can be done for them and many organizations looking to promote youth and opportunities for success.

Please take a moment and check out their website linked above.

Canvass team, Rise Above members @ Jerkfest 2014

We were all looking forward to checking out the large array of food options.  My wife has been craving jerked pork for quite some time and was happy to be able to satisfy it here.  The choice was finally made and we all decided on either Jerk Chicken Tacos & Jerk Pork with Rice & Peas.  I needed a bit of water to calm my mouth down as my wife got a bit of extra jerk sauce on top to kick up the flavour.  As we sat we got to listen to steel drum bands, watch children dance and enjoy the weather.

I have always supported helping others, especially those you may not know.  It is the reason I donate platelets as often as I do, saving a life is just the right thing to do.  While checking out other vendors we came across ONE MATCH which was looking for a simple cheek swab test to see if males 17-35 could save a life.  I have never signed up for one match, the lady I spoke to started discussing and I mentioned my platelet donation and next thing I was signing up.  She said it was the easiest attempt.

Please if you are a male, 17-35 click the link above and see if you are eligible to donate.  You could save a life and it won't inconvenience yours!

We enjoyed the festival and look forward to next year. 

Posted on August 10, 2014 .