Crime Prevention: Etobicoke Centre

Do you feel safe in our community?  I have not heard safety or crime as an election issue from my canvassing in our ward.  This doesn't mean Ward 3 should not be vigilant in ensuring decreased crimes in our community.  Etobicoke Centre residents may not be aware of some of the crimes or dangers.  Below are a list of statistics, links and advice on how to prevent being a victim of crime.

There are many resources that show that the top tracked crimes are decreasing.  Specific crime statistics from Toronto Police Services (TPS) are narrowed down to Divisions; our division encompasses Etobicoke Centre & Etobicoke Lakeshore.  Please note that not all crimes on chart below are entirely Ward 3's, crimes also from Etobicoke Lakeshore.

22 Division Crime Statistics - click on chart to see full details.

22 Division Crime Statistics - click on chart to see full details.

How do you find out about crime in our community? There are links below that show neighbourhood crime statistics.  They document location/date/crime and also overall statistics.  The CBC crime map will narrow down a neighbourhood and crime, interactive and interesting to see the change in crime rates from 2004 - 2011.  Take a moment and see what crimes may have been committed in our community.  


NOTE: Etobicoke Centre consists of the following neighbourhoods: Markland Woods, Etobicoke West Mall, Eringate-Centennial-West Deane, portion of Princess-Rosethorn.

Etobicoke Centre is a safe community but continued vigilance by all residents can ensure that crime remains low.  Click HERE to access crime prevention pamphlets from TPS on a variety of topics to keep you safe.  Pamphlets I would suggest reading are: Apartment Safety, Auto Theft, Home Security & Protect your Children.  Pamphlets are great ways to show children what to be aware of and what to do in a situation.

A crime that children understand on a personal level is the theft of a bicycle.  In context, it can be devastating to have something they cherish taken away from them.  TPS recovers hundreds of bicycles a year, with approximately 20% returned to the owner.  Have your bicycle registered with TPS HERE.  Being registered will allow TPS to contact the owner if a bicycle is recovered.  Bicycles that are not registered may eventually be auctioned off.  It only takes a moment but is important to have a chance of recovery.

Another way to keep crime low is by participating in a Neighbourhood Watch program. Although the neighbourhood names may be slightly different, Central Etobicoke has a Neighbourhood Watch Program.  It is a wonderful resource for additional websites and information.  I would recommend adding this link to your favourites: Central Etobicoke Neighbourhood Watch 


  • Do not keep car keys visible at home
  • Do not leave valuables visible in your car
  • Be a good neighbour and report any suspicious activity to the Police
  • Keep home windows and doors locked
    • Keep ladders locked away, second floor windows accessible
  • Be aware of WHO you let into your home or speak to on phone
    • Ask for identificiation, verify with company if unsure
    • Do not give out personal information

Only together can we prevent crime in our community.  I hope that the links and information provided will help in being aware how you can stay safe.

Your Ward 3 City Council Candidate,

Peter Fenech

Posted on July 24, 2014 .