Ward 3 resident's view on politicians

I recently had a discussion with a resident from Ward 3 who felt that "all politicians and candidates don't keep their campaign promises."  This resident felt that hearing all levels of government for the past decade break promise after promise was a valid enough reason to not believe anyone.

I agree with that point of view regarding broken promises.  I don't like breaking promises; it is why I have very few promises as a candidate for ward 3 Councillor.  A look at my POLICY page will show a major difference between what I state versus that of a 'politician'.  That important difference is that I SUPPORT good policy rather than promising what I can't guarantee.  I will be committed to being effective; while not being stuck on specific solutions.

My platform is based on supporting policies which make sense from data and input.  Being willing to work hard with other Councillors, city staff and getting great input from residents and community groups. This will only make the policies better built and widely accepted.  I will use the data available to convince all parties involved why a policy should or should not be adopted.  This doesn't fit the norm of what many have seen from council during that last four years.  It is without the drama and daily entertainment news coverage but will be effective.

One aspect of making/breaking promises to residents of Toronto is the reality of a changing world.  Natural disasters, a shift in the economy or a major advancement in technology are very powerful forces that may alter a promise.  As most campaign promises are linked to financial restraints, they may not all be feasible in the city budget next year compared to the last.  Is there a difference of a broken promise and a promise unable to be kept no matter how much effort is put in?

Using the example of time-based transfers, I did not promise to implement this policy.  I do support this policy and would vote for it on council.  Unfortunately policy implementation goes beyond the capability of one Councillor.  To bring forth proper legislation, it is necessary to have a majority on council with recommendations and implementations from appropriate committees.  I fully support time-based transfers. I do hope that it can be introduced very soon once elected. 

Now what promises do I expect to fully keep on council:

  • I promise to be respectful to residents and other Councillors
  • I promise to my staff will be accessible to Ward 3 residents
  • I promise to be a voice for our community
  • I promise to make policy decisions based on merit, not politics

I hope to be able to communicate my willingness to uphold my promises.  I hope that many policies I support will also be implemented.  Good policy is great for Ward 3 and paramount for a prospering Toronto.

Expect more from your politicians, I know I certainly do!

Posted on June 8, 2014 .