Canvassing #1 issue so far - April 2014

Recently when canvassing I heard a lot of residents bring up issues in Ward 3.  Some hot-topic issues included the flooding during the storm last year, transportation and not feeling a presence by multiple levels of government in the ward.  It was refreshing to hear people want to make the neighbourhood better.  The number one issue that was brought up was a bit surprising though,

The issue that came to mind without thinking for some residents in Ward 3 was 'potholes'!  I myself can understand the answer since driving along some of the major and feeder roads in the area and surrounding wards have been frustrating.  At the bottom of the ward on Dundas Street W., it took quite a long time for the small section between the border of Mississauga, under the 427, and over towards East Mall to be fixed.  Late night construction, endless hassles for commuters felt like it would never end.  Since its completion it was a necessary fix and one that has been beneficial to the area.  The issue is that Dundas Street W. needs to be fixed all the way to Kipling (in Ward 5) with potholes recently large enough to damage cars.

Potholes have an effect on many types of residents for a variety of reasons. 

  • Commuters - both in personal vehicles or public transit
  • Cyclists - avoiding potholes can lead to entering other lanes of traffic
    • Can also have vehicles enter other lanes, endangering cyclists

How can I get a pothole filled in?

There are two ways that a resident can have a pothole repaired:

  1. Call 311 and inform them of the street name and location of the pothole
  2. Request online by filling in a report HERE

What can be done if your car is damaged by a pothole?

Have you ever wondered what the process is for reporting damage to your vehicle because of potholes?  The worst part of assessing the damage is to know the steps to report it to the city.


The link above will direct you to the cities page on how to claim for damage from a pothole.  The process itself is connected to regulations on what type of road and the size and depth of the pothole is and the amount of time given to fix (which is located under ONTARIO REGULATION 612/06).  There are many technical issues in relation to the type of road based on volume and speed, but being informed may help any solving an issue or claim.

Points to remember when filing a Pothole claim, the claim letter should include the following:

  • Your name, home address, phone number and e-mail address
  • Date, time and location of accident which caused the property damage or injury
  • Exact municipal address including a diagram and/or photo of accident location should be submitted with claim letter
  • Describe how the accident happened and names, phone numbers of any witnesses
  • Detailed description of your property damage or injury
  • Include documentation that you believe support your claim such as: photos, receipts and estimates
  • Outline why you believe the City is responsible for the accident
  • Did you report this accident to the City, if so, please provide name(s) of City staff involved
  • If a City Contractor was involved please provide contractor's name

Hopefully you will not need to report an accident or injury because of a pothole. 

What is the solution to better roads?

Infrastructure is an important aspect of a community that needs constant care.  The quality of materials and the need to constantly repair roads need real solutions.  Taking the time and doing the right repair at the right time is important.  Filling potholes are short term solutions but does not offer a long term one.  Kingston Ontario  is investing in "premium" asphalt that is of a better quality.  There are supporters and detractors to such an idea of "premium" asphalt, but an idea that may help solve the problem of 170,000 + pothole repairs done annually.  Please read an article on ASPHALT that discusses potholes HERE.

Fix the problem of crumbling roads by trying to manage the backlog of repairs.  The city has set aside hundreds of millions of dollars for repair over the next decade.  This a positive but some roads cannot wait years to be fixed.  Pushing forward with an aggressive and fast-track system to speed up the process and identify a way to do more roads quickly is needed. This would also be a great time to re-assess the nature of usage of the roads and think of community building with adding bike lanes.

This will be a issue that should be brought up by all candidates.

Feel free to add your comments and suggestions on how we can fix the pothole problem in Ward 3.

Posted on April 19, 2014 .