How to Vote

Many residents may be looking for information on how exactly do they vote.  What is the process of making sure you are on the voter's list, what documentation you need to vote and finally how do you vote?

Toronto Elections Services has put together a series of videos that answer all the questions asked above.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the process on how to vote.  After the videos, take a moment to be informed about what policies your local candidates are offering.  The best vote is an informed one!

After knowing how to vote, residents may wonder who are the candidates and where can they find out.  Another great Toronto Elections Services tool is the MyVote.

click on photo to get to MyVote

click on photo to get to MyVote

MyVote is a website that once you enter your address, a resident will be able to:

  • Who's running in your ward
    • For Mayor, Councillor and Trustee
  • Ward map
    • Know the boundaries of Ward 3
  • Are you on the voter's list?
    • Fill out information to verify
  • Where to vote
    • For advanced voting & election day
  • A sample ballot
    • Click to see how the ballot will look like
    • Will help in knowing where preferred candidates are located on ballot

Attached is a portion of a sample ballot with Peter Fenech highlighted (as this is his campaign website).  Note again the way to complete a ballot on top, by completing the arrow for one candidate per section.

Stay informed and make a decision that will bring real change to Toronto City Council.

Posted on October 7, 2014 .