What is there to know?

Welcome to my website.  My name is Peter Fenech.

Everyone has an opinion; I've created a space for my own thoughts and opinions on topics that affect my life, my community and my city.  I may not have all the answers or even know what questions to ask, but I will attempt to stay honest, basing my views on valid information. 

In 2014 I ran for city council for Ward 3 - Etobicoke Centre.  Although I did not win, it has opened up a dialogue on my view of "Policy over Politics".  What does that mean 'Policy over Politics? - simplified: making decisions based on fact and merit that has a positive benefit rather than purely political decisions.  The concept is very simple but complex in execution since most politicians are looking for that advantage to remain in their position.  

Getting personal:

I am married to my lovely wife Stephanie and we hope to start a family.  We live in Etobicoke now but have lived in many areas both within Toronto but also the GTA.  I'm a sports fan and cheer for the Leafs (in good times and in bad) especially.  

I am a big fan of movies and am known to quote random parts whenever triggered by a statement.  This is mostly annoying to those who may not know the context of the quote.

My taste in music is diverse (as it should be) where my favourite bands are Tool, Tegan & Sara, and The Tragically Hip.

If there is anything else you'd like to know, take a moment to read my blogs.  My writing style is very personal and my narrative very distinct.  If you don't find what you may be looking for, just ask.  I'll answer questions appropriately to the context of which they were asked - or not at all.